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Good month for Boston

My teams certainly know how to deliver a birthday present (although the Pats were a bit late…) Red Sox Besides hitting four consecutive homeruns on my birthday, the Sox dominated the Yanks so far this year. And I know the … Continue reading

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New Media, Video Games, and Interactivity

Feels like forever since I put up a quality post, hope to change that today. I’ve been copyediting a forthcoming book on new media and its impact on traditional conceptions of mind and body. Essentially, the author convincingly argues that … Continue reading

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DIS iz crAZ

One technolog that I haven’t adopted is text messaging. I must admit, I don’t get it. Why not just call someone? O.k., enough grumpy old chat, but I came across an interesting post today by a secondary teacher who instructs … Continue reading

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Steven Johnson Interview

While his new book doesn’t sound as appealing to me as some of his other work, one of my favorite writers is back. Found a link to a very cool interview today. Good stuff. I like Johnson’s work because he … Continue reading

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Japan will never be the same

I’ve been having a really good week: I deposited my prospectus, set a defense date, won a multimedia writing award, gave a conference presentation without reading from a paper or notes, received a summer research grant, and got a job … Continue reading

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Another Top Ten: Albums

Sure its cliche, but I was thinking about this today on the drive into school–the ole “what ten albums would you take to a desert island?” question. Here’s what I’m packing, in chronological order. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, 1959 … Continue reading

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