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ZeFrank interview

Just found a Cecil Vortex interview with ZeFrank shortly before The Show ended February 2007. In addition to gems such as “morphological synthesis” (an inventive approach) and an interesting discussion of how audience provides generative boundaries benefitical to the creative … Continue reading

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Smashing Magazine and Networked Research

As we start planning out our Blogging as Composition syllabus (see also me and Wishydig and Mrxk), I’ve been thinking about what kind of research assignment we could have students work on. The obvious project to me is a two-phase … Continue reading

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Barabasi’s Linked

Just finished the first few chapters of Albert-Laszlo Barabasi’s Linked: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life. Barabasi, a mathematician, details the development of network theory’s most popular maxim, “six … Continue reading

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I didn’t make this…

…but my students did. Here’s the winning project from my “Project Website” design challenge this past semester: a new Indiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster site. Six groups of students redesigned and coded the website of a local non-profit organization. … Continue reading

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Sorry so sloppy

But I’m in the middle of an (obvious) redesign, something inline with my homepage. The blogger templates use a pretty heavy amount of divs, so its a nice little rubix cube puzzle. Time to go play with margins and padding. … Continue reading

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Computers, Writing, & Productive Mess

Just got back from Detriot and Computers & Writing, our talk went well. Three of us presented on wiring classrooms together for massive forum discussions (80 students participating in one discussion on the history of the higher education in the … Continue reading

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Victory is Mine!

Working from Dr. B’s tracking of daily accomplishments, and an appreciation for Stewie’s rally cry, I hope to post celebrations of my greatness (this should provide a bit of motivation to complete mundane tasks that would otherwise go undone). I … Continue reading

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Sorry Casey, Still No Flying Cars

This article by Charlie Stross is making its way through the interweb. Like some of the research I am working on Stross argues that the “progress” of the future won’t concern processing power, software engineering, or even (Other help us) … Continue reading

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NBA Draft

Yellow Dog had an interesting post on whether the NBA draft is overrated, looking at the lineups ofthe teams in the playoffs. This really sparked my interest, since I initially assumed the NBA draft to be the most important in … Continue reading

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Introductory Blogging… I mean Composition

This fall a few colleagues and fellow bloggers have decided to network our introductory composition classes (at least four classes). The idea is to structure our course around blogging, having our students write often for “real” audiences, on a specialized … Continue reading

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