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Better than Expected

No links necessary: things haven’t gone well for the Celtics the last decade or so. Outside of one Eastern Finals appearance, its been a tough ten years. Toughest of all has been enduring painful personel decisions–how many future all stars … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Apocolypse

I had another post written up and ready to go last night, when I came across this NYTimes article on a chef suing several posh New York restaurants for stealing her menu. I laughed it off, dismissed it as crazy, … Continue reading

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Help Save the Music

Today is a “Day of Silence” for internet radio, the SaveNetRadio Coalition is encouraging all internet radio stations to go silent for one day in protest of the extreme rate hikes expected to go into effect July 15th. Although I … Continue reading

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Victory is (Almost) Mine! (Standards Compliant Slideshow via ImageShack)

I recently finished working with a local dog group on a website redesign. Intially, I was particularly proud to recreate what was a table-based layout in xhtml and css. Later, the group decided they wanted to make some significant changes … Continue reading

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Victory is Ours!

Baby closes, shorted by age (0-3 mos, 3-6 mos) sorted into categories (one-zee, sleeper, out-fit), placed into draws. Go us.

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So Angry I Can’t Think Straight

I concluded an otherwise relaxing morning reading a thread on advertising and ISP’s over at /. I am now ready to enlist in some nerd militia and storm an ISP. Let me explain. For those with no desire to RTFA … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Bliss

Last night our dulah said “The more civilized you are, the harder it is to give birth.” We we talking about Lamaze, breathing strategies, and how to remain focused during labor. The key seems to be to shut your consciousness … Continue reading

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Another Quick One

I don’t think we can be friends if you don’t like this one: Powerthirst Sports Drink Spoof – Watch more free videos Oh, one more thing: the Celtics are in such a dismal place that Kevin Garnett, who hasn’t sniffed … Continue reading

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Way back machine

I spent most of my blogging brain cells responding to Casey’s question on yesterday’s post, so here’s a breather: This ranks high in the hall of awesomeness. “Give him ze uppercut!”

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There goes Obi-Wan

I read a kind of farewell post over at Lawrence Lessig’s blog yesterday with a heavy heart. Lessig announced that he will be changing the focus of his research and activism, moving away from intellectual property and net neutrality and … Continue reading

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