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Project One

Below is the first post assignment. Forgive the sloppy presentation, I’m cutting and pasting from Word… English 106 Fall 2007 Project 1: Mission Statement as the First Post As I have brought up several times, your first major assignment is … Continue reading

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True Font Families

A List Apart is featuring an article on the future of CSS. Their prediction? Increased compatibility with web fonts, decreasing reliance on browser compatibility. Today, if a user doesn’t have a font, tough luck. But in the future? CSS coding … Continue reading

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106: Week Two Computer Lab

Today’s class will seek to introduce you to your blog, some of the features of Blogger, and to the basics of HTML that you will need to compose your posts. Creating Your Blogger Account All of you should have received … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football

I had two drafts this weekend (I drafted one player while changing a diaper). I am quite happy with both teams, although the second team has a collection of gambles at quaterback. Here’s team one: Rowan’s Raiders Quaterback: McNabb, Leinart … Continue reading

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Baby Photos Have a New Home

I finally have a justification for my Flickr account. Baby pictures will be going there from now on. Rowan has been sleeping at night, and Gramma and Grampa have been a great help. Meg and I feel pretty good (and … Continue reading

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Week One, Thursday

1. Collect writing samples 2. Intro lecture: what is rhetoric? hard to define, persuasion more than that, rhetoric is social glue– social conception of knowledge and knowledge exchange art of negotiating language in the act of negotiation Kenneth Burke: resolving … Continue reading

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106: Week One

If you are looking for baby photos, then you should scroll down to the previous post. If you are looking to pass English 106, then you should scroll down to the baby photos, sufficiently oooh and aaah, and then scoll … Continue reading

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All Hail the Queen

At 7:39, Monday August 20th, Meg gave birth to Rowan Margaret. Words are insufficient. First, some pics from about 10 minutes after she was born: Next, some pics from late Tuesday morning (15 hours old). Up first, a stunning shot … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

Meg’s water broke at 9:00 last night, right after a spirited boxing match and a few team efforts at Wii tennis. We’ve been at the hospital since 10:00 this morning, and her labor started getting intense about twenty minutes ago. … Continue reading

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Rosa & Acceleration

(I thought I might share some recent reading notes for my dissertation, I think there’s something in here for everyone. Please excuse the awkwardness of the prose, this is first draft. Overall, Rosa’s article is insightful and definately worth a … Continue reading

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