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Reputation as Ethos for the Responsible Netizen

I picked up the quizercise from Karl Stolley (who, I am pretty sure, just adapted Janice Lauer’s “writing opportunity”): every Monday, before we begin discussing the week’s readings, I ask students some kind of question that calls on them to … Continue reading

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A New Dark Age?

Argh. Me tired. Baby cry. Dissertation hard. Job market taxing. I wanted to take some time, gather what brain power I could, and point to an interesting post over at the Long Now Fondation on the New York Times’ decision … Continue reading

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My New Homepage Ate My Blogger Design. Sort of. got a new look today. I wanted something minimalist and clean before I head out on the job market. The design corresponds to the visual design of my other job materials (CV, cover letter, dissertation summary). The face-lift isn’t … Continue reading

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Goin’ Technorati

Technorati Profile

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Wii and Lightsabers.. so why am I so nervous?

Mrxk shot me an email today with the subject: “End of Civilization.” The link, of course, was to the announcement that the Force Unleashed was porting to the Wii. I should be really excited. But I’m not. Let me explain. … Continue reading

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Class notes, tech day, week five

Today we are going to work on integrating you a bit more into your online community. So, we’re going to use to explore your community. Log into your account. Make sure you have your “post to” or … Continue reading

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More Anti-RIAA Ammo

I’ve been pretty busy working on the first chapter of my diss (hopefully I’ll have more on this soon!), but I wanted to throw up a quick post pointing to a recent story on Joystiq. It seems online video game … Continue reading

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Birthday Card

This is making the internet rounds. Proof positive that I am an internet nerd: I find it quite funny.

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Football Predictions

I don’t have much time for these this year, but it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t make some predictions. So here’s a quick couple of lists: AFC San Diego Chargers: The only thing this team lacked last season was … Continue reading

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Week Three, Computer Session

As you put the finishing touches on your mission statements, I want to turn and start thinking about your first individual post. And, in doing so, I wanted to offer examples of the kinds of posts, taking note of their … Continue reading

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