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DMCA needs revision?

Apparently a few people have gotten together and decided that maybe we should be able to do more than simply consume media. Maybe it would be good if we had some kind of freedom to comment on it, mess with … Continue reading

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Joe, They Don’t Deserve Ya

The Red Sox are down 3-2, with an aged warrior and a dead-armed, quasi-rookie pitching the next two games, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier as a baseball fan. Well, o.k., there was 2004–that was sweet. But this … Continue reading

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Review Writing for Amazon

Today we want to look at a few book reviews for Tapscott and Williams’ Wikinomics in order to generate a sense for what distinctive features good reviews contain. Donald Mitchell [April 6th, 2007] Bradley Gessler [January 15, 2007] M … Continue reading

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MLA citation

Using the MLA guidelines provided by Purdue’s OWL lab, please construct a MLA works cited list for the following material: The Henry Jenkins reading from the coursepack (book title: Convergence Culture). The Stephen Johnson reading from the coursepack. (article title: … Continue reading

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Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near

I’ve put off reading this book for awhile, since I find it so difficult to talk about. I find Kurzweil’s work fascinating and dangerous, stimulating and irresponsible. I know he’s coming to come up in my dissertation, opposite and alongside … Continue reading

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Crash Course on Academic Writing

I like to frame academic research by looking at Kenneth Burke’s famous passage on the unending conversation of humankind. I also want to discuss three terms from classical rhetoric: ethos, pathos, and logos. logos Driven Unlike your blog writing, which … Continue reading

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