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Stirke Up the Band

I am not quite sure that words can describe quite how awesome this is: Make sure you make it to at least 3:50.

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Wiimote Already Obsolete?

I’m starting tag a lot of stuff like the following video lately. I’m real interested in the digital sandbox that video games are becoming. More and more your seeing games inviting prosuming, including advanced, yet accessible, level editors. Game companies … Continue reading

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Complexity Theory and Authorship as Plurality

There was a discussion on a listserv today regarding why the individual author has become a myth. I cranked out a short response and figured I’d share. The original poster referred to the Emersonian (right?) “nothing is original” mantra. While … Continue reading

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Romantic Rinse Cycle

The all-consuming job search, coupled with adorable baby daughter, doesn’t leave much time for blogging (or anything else, for that matter). But I did want to take a few minutes to explain how parenthood has alerted my wife and I … Continue reading

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