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The Pats are comfortably handling Miami so I’m surfing the web for comics (following a conversation at lunch last week). For some reason I need to share this with the world [you can click on the post title to see … Continue reading

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Nintendo needs to hire Johnny Chung Lee

I’ve spent the last couple of days playing the online mode of Medal of Honor Heroes 2. Nothing special (it really suffers from a lack of player communication–no voice plus grenades equals frustration. But the immersive wii interface makes the … Continue reading

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One in a billion (of billions)

Today science loses one of its most significant public speakers. In an age in which science and technology becomes exponentially more complex, we need more people like Sagan who can connect university research to the general public. I just finished … Continue reading

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I Am Legend

Incredible. I give a big thumbs up to Warner Bros. marketing department for not giving anything away in their commercials. I hadn’t read the book, so it was fresh to me. This is the best movie I’ve seen in a … Continue reading

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Show about Nothing

As a baseball fan and a rhetorician, I feel compelled to write something on the Mitchell report. But since I’m in the midst of grading, and my baby’s making that “you better be ready to pick me up” face, I’ll … Continue reading

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Women in Games

MTV’s Multiplayer site is pulblishing a series of interviews this week with women working in professional games. So far I’ve read the first two–X-Play’s Morgan Webb (who at some point in my life went from being the beautiful woman talking … Continue reading

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Take a Break from Grading…

…and start evaluating things in five seconds or less. Even comes with instantaneous feedback. Go ahead, you deserve some free time.

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Davis > Derrida > Levinas

Today’s reading: John Muckelbauer’s “Rhetoric, Asignification, and the Other: A Response to Diane Davis” and D. Diane Davis’ “The Fifth Risk: A Response to John Muckelbauer’s Response”. Muckelbauer challenges the assumption that any discourse or pedagogy can claim ethical or … Continue reading

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Email Standards

File this one under its about time. A grassroots movement for better cross-client compatibility. The major targets? Gmail and Outlook. Here’s to hoping they can have some success. Here’s a link to their test email and the properties they are … Continue reading

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Life (or Something Like It)

Finally. I’m back. My laptop’s hard drive died three weeks ago (a couple days after my last post). Stone dead. I had to send if off to the nice people at On Track Data Recovery and pay their extortion reasonable … Continue reading

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