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Steve Jobs Rocks

What rocks more than Jobs’ 90 minute talk? This great 60 second remix of his 90 minute talk. I love how the entire world seems willing and able to accommodate my growing attention deficit disorder.

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Video Games, Narrative, and Hollywood

So, although I really don’t have time to write this, I have to react to the recent article in the LA Times warning movie executives to stay away from video games. I found the discussion over at Joystiq. Here’s a … Continue reading

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(Quick n Dirty) Search Tools

To friends- yeah, I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ll try to get something up here soon. This post is for my research methods class, I’m hiding it from them to see how they search the net on their own. Google, … Continue reading

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Blogging as Composition

Since I’m another of the mad scientists who birthed this approach, I’ll throw in some quick reflections. For those who don’t know, three colleagues and I piloted a new approach to introductory composition this past fall. 80 students were divided … Continue reading

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Sane Intellectual Property Laws, Take 237

Here’s a follow-up to my rant over at Mxrk the other day (which followed up a rant during an MLA interview), my first intellectual property rant of 2008. Chances are it shouldn’t be the last- though daughter and dissertations will … Continue reading

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