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Meg and I are preparing for our first real date since Rowan was born (6 months)- tonight’s Ben Folds concert. I wish I saw him with the Five, but I’m still excited for the show. I just sent of a … Continue reading

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I’ve seen this page123 meme floating around the web a bit (most recently over at Pedagogical Gregory), and I figured “hey, I like doing stuff,” so here we go. First, the rules: Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages … Continue reading

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Time to Shop for Sun Block

Its unofficially official: I have accepted a position with the University of South Florida. The job focuses on teaching the history of rhetoric at the graduate level and will also involve undergraduate courses on contemporary rhetorical theory, visual rhetoric, professional … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Surfacing Soon

To everyone who asked… yes I am still alive. The job search is nearing a close, but it looks like I’ll have to make some pretty tough decisions before this is all over. I don’t want to blog about it … Continue reading

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I haven’t felt this miserable…

…since my first dog died when I was eight years old. Seriously. And to make matters worse, I wasn’t even able to watch the game (out for dinner on a campus visit).

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