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Idiots no more

A few weeks back the Sox played the Yanks and Manny decided last minute that his knee was too sore to play. The look on Francona’s face said everything: the proverbial straw had finally broke the organization’s back. When the … Continue reading

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One More Show

If I could be any where on Thursday, it would be at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA for my cousin’s real retirement. He always put on a good show, although he made a better villain than hero. He broke his … Continue reading

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Nothing’s the Matter in Kansas…

…as long as this guy gets elected. I’m a fan of XKCD to begin with, so this is some kind of awesome.

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Breaking Radio Silence

I am alive and in Florida. I’ve been away from my digital life for awhile now- ignoring my email and rss feeds in favor of the new house, state, and job. Red tape is fun. Seriously. But now I have … Continue reading

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Moral of the Story

So, this weekend we spent a lot of time lighting fireworks with the neighbors. Among us was an 8th grader who loved reading. As she listed off a litany of her favorite books, I periodically asked “what was the moral … Continue reading

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