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But its not all about the team

I join John Saunders as one of the few college football fans who doesn’t necessarily believe college football needs an extended playoff system. I would like to see a four team, two round system, but I don’t believe we need … Continue reading

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Journalists are Evil, Good

The good news is that the media coverage of Rowan’s plight has already led to one retinoblastoma diagnosis in England. We hope the continued exposure can help other parents (and friends of parents) discover this sooner. On that line, we … Continue reading

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If you’re up really late…

Megan is going to do a phone interview with GM TV, London’s version of Good Morning America. Problem: they want a live interview at 8:30 UK time, so that’s 3:30a.m. EST. I will be sleeping through this one. In the … Continue reading

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15 Minutes of Fame

For those that didn’t know, we initially discovered Rowan’s tumor thanks to a mum in England through one of Megan’s baby groups. Proof that the internet isn’t just porn and piracy. Anywho, the story has been picked up by many … Continue reading

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Thank You

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped us over the last month. Words cannot express what it has meant to us. Rowan (and Megan) are still in the hospital. Rowan had developed a UTI- that’s … Continue reading

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You’re not going to believe this…

But we’re back in the hospital. Sigh. Rowan had a temperature this morning (we got 101.6 in the ear, 100.8 under the arm), so we had to go to St. Joseph’s Children’s hospital in Tampa. That was one o’clock; now, … Continue reading

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Waiting to wait: Posted by Megan

Marc left me with the computer tonight, so I thought I would post on his blog. I appreciate everyone for all their support. We really are lucky to have such wonderful friends and family supporting us through this horrible and … Continue reading

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In a Holding Pattern

Tropical storm Kay has come and gone… we think. Actually, we’re not really sure- it wasn’t much of a storm to speak of. Rowan’s first treatment got pushed back to Wednesday thanks to the state of (non)-emergency declaration, so we’re … Continue reading

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B-Day Experience

With the help of some new friends (Marley and Henry), Rowan celebrated her first B-Day. The highlight of the party was the cake. It went something like this: Rowan inspects the cake Rowan tastes the cake Rowan approves of the … Continue reading

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Wednesday Update

Change in plans: pediatric oncology had to reschedule Rowan’s appointment until Monday morning, so we’re back in Riverview for a few days. She is in an absolutely fabulous mood- laughing, playing, walking. We’ll try to put up some video or … Continue reading

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