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Levinas and Weinberger

In jest, I offer my dissertation in two quotes. The other pages are just filler. Levinas on difference as the foundation of the subject: Reason makes human society possible; but a society whose members would be only reasons would vanish … Continue reading

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We’re Still Here…

I haven’t put anything up recently, but I wanted to let everyone know that Rowan is doing fine after the second round of chemo. She has become a big fan of the Wiggles. Somebody save us (for those who do … Continue reading

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Derrida on Levinas

I’ve been enjoying Derrida’s performative essay “At This Very Moment in This Work Here I Am… (He will have obligated [Il aura oblige]).” In the essay, Derrida explains that a reader can never be sure if the final clause of … Continue reading

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Trip to the Library

I went to find three books. One of which, Alex Reid’s The Two Virtuals, was lost. Of course, I walked out with a stack (listed in the order they appear on my shelf): Derrida, Politics of Friendship Derrida, Psyche / … Continue reading

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Rowan’s story will be featured on Inside Edition Friday night. Megan and I are fairly confident that we’re not made for TV, so we’re hoping to come out of this looking like semi-capable parents. Here’s a link to find when … Continue reading

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I guess I cannot complain too much. We’ve had things pretty good in New England for awhile now. You know: fewer confederate flags (future post coming), really good seafood, and a string of championships. So rather than cry about Brady, … Continue reading

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Why Not…

…share some Cicero. I just got through two class discussions on Cicero today and thought I’d throw up a few quotes. All are from Cicero’s On Oratory and Orators. Enjoy. For it is by this one gift that we are … Continue reading

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Hurricane Box

One of the fun parts of moving to Florida includes putting together a hurricane box- a box of food and supplies that are there “just in case.” I am new to this experience. But, on the advice of a colleague, … Continue reading

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