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To My Students

Every semester I write a letter to my students that comments on my position in relation to the readings we are working through that semester. I delivered my letter early this semester, since I am trying to get them to … Continue reading

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Personality Test

MZ got me to try this Keirsey Personality test. By the power of its crazy magic (accurate) voodoo, I now know that I am an Idealist Champion. Apparently, we passionately believe in things and really want to tell you about … Continue reading

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Rowan Update

We’re down in Miami for chemo visit number 3. Everything with Rowan’s cancer looks good–her tumor reduced to the point that she didn’t even require preliminary laser treatment this time. She will lose her eye during our next visit, November … Continue reading

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Watching the Red Sox play in the playoffs is comparable to sitting in a crock-pot for me: a slow, agonizing, gut wrenching cooking of my nerves. That will be intensified tonight with Dice-K on the mound. I know he doesn’t … Continue reading

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When Economics Become Espionage

I just came across this story in /. on a new Chinese policy demanding that corporations importing electronics into China provide the government with all source code for their products. The story, of which I’ve heard nothing in our country, … Continue reading

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New Course in Rhetorical Theory [Real]

First, let me say that Rowan is doing fine. She’s sort of rejecting the concept of sleep today (its 11:30 and still no nap–a very bad sign), but otherwise o.k. In Marc news–official Marc C. Santos news–I’ve been asked to … Continue reading

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New Course on Rhetorical Theory [Fake]

I usually leave the political comedy commentary up to others, but I had to share this. Via the Blogora (via 23/6): Biden Debate Training That was a direct quote.

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Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

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