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Sure its too easy, but its still funny

I normally don’t waste time with Bush bashing, its sort of like challenging a sixth grader to a steel cage match, but this shit is too funny.

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Rowan Update

We are home resting; Rowan managed not to catch my plague. Right now, she’s playing outside with gramma (Meg’s mom just got here this morning to give us some much needed help). Thanks to everyone for their concern and wishes. … Continue reading

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Obama goes to work

As I recently mentioned, I primarily voted for Obama based on his stance toward net neutrality. Obama has decided to appoint our nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. User Voice, a social aggregator, has set up an interesting forum to discuss … Continue reading

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Sunday Update 2

Things have gotten much better as the day progressed. We stopped giving her the Tylenol w/ codine and her condition really improved. Codine can cause both constipation and nausea, and she hasn’t vomited since last night. She’s eating solid food, … Continue reading

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Sunday Update

Things are still not going very well. We spent last night at the hotel, and Rowan did sleep soundly through the night. She’s had a bit of breast milk this morning, but is refusing solid foods (and Rowan never refuses … Continue reading

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Saturday Update

Rowan’s recovery has been rough today–she’s had a real difficult time holding down food or liquid. At this point she’s refusing to take her pain medication or milk of mag (she’s also suffering some constipation). We originally hoped to be … Continue reading

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Successful Surgery

Rowan is recovering from this morning’s surgery. She is healthy and safe. The doctor saw no signs that the cancer has spread beyond her eye. All news is good news. We probably won’t get to see her for another hour … Continue reading

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Calling for Five Minutes of Your Time

I just read a disturbing story on how libraries are being pressured away from cooperating with open source project: a concise post, written by Aaron Swartz over at Raw Thought. If you don’t have the time to read the article, … Continue reading

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I’ll Take It: Keeping Contemporary Culture and Materials in Our Classes

This came over my NCTE email this morning: The Code of Best Practices for Media Literacy Education. The nice part is that it is put together by lawyers who have read the constitution and are willing to fight for our … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Way back in the Fall of 07, I decided to vote for Obama based on his policies concerning media and technology, specifically the internet. Obama was the only candidate who opposed private regulation of information–comparing the internet to a public … Continue reading

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