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Colbert on the”Danger” of the Internet

This comes from Colbert’s interview with Keen–it is presented as something of a nightmare. But I think it adequately describes a digital/rhetorical/sophistic new media environment, one in which there is not getting outside the cave. Responding to Keen’s claim that … Continue reading

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I never thought I would say this, but…

I actually find myself agreeing with Andrew Keen. Today Keen responded to Patricia Cohen’s NYTimes article on how the pending economic crisis will affect the humanities. Keen concludes: What I do know for sure, however, is that academic humanists — … Continue reading

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I am confused… someone explain this to me

Granted, I didn’t get through my morning coffee today. But something really confused me on the ride to work. I live about 20 miles south of University of South Florida. Everyday I drive on I-75 I experience an incredible irony: … Continue reading

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Lanham definition of rhetoric; the Aim of Education(s)

I need to remember this somewhere, why not the blog. Now you can remember it, too. “Rhetoric” has not always been a dirty word, the opposite of sincerity, truth, and good intentions. For most of its life it meant the … Continue reading

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Student Strikes Gold

I had my students do an assignment in which they had to characterize blogs. One student offered these nuggets: Fourth, the blog that is the most idiotic tends to win. This is just like high school. The weird blog is … Continue reading

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Obligatory Post from a Sophistic Baseball Fan

[A little context: last week I used a series of ESPN articles in a workshop on direct quoting, hence the sometimes forced references. I think the workshop was successful, however.] Dear Commissioner Selig, I understand in the wake of recent … Continue reading

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“It is the opposite which is good for us”

Because a certain someone keeps trying to shove Parmenides down your throat, I thought I’d share some Heraclitus. Thanks to Plato’s misunderstanding, most of us attribute to Heraclitus the trite paradoxical aphorism “you could not step twice into the same … Continue reading

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Hearing what the Presidents Don’t Say

Recently I have become enamored with the feed over at FlowingData, a collection of quality visualization projects. Today has several offerings, but I am most interested in Descry’s project “Their First Words,” which provides a searchable database of all inauguration … Continue reading

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Complaining as Art

I laughed so hard reading this letter to the president of Virgin airlines that people looked at me funny as they walked by my office. Totally worth it. Rumor has it the airline has offered him a job in culinary … Continue reading

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Visual Metaphor: Walmart as a Disease

As if the choice of green was innocuous. In the previous century, when I was a snobbish New Englander, Walmart was an unholy place–a store chocking the life out of small, friendly businesses and full of the kind of people … Continue reading

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