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Course Evaluations

Today is the last day of class at USF, so I passed around a course evaluation of my own design. This semester my class has focused on “digital citizenship”: students maintained a blog all semester long dedicated to a topic/hobby … Continue reading

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Free Your TV?

My wife and I always complain about our insane cable bill, but we’re both TV junkies–so what’s our alternatives? Well, it looks like “internet-TV” is about to take a huge step forward. Via /. via NYT, Adobe is about to … Continue reading

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Clinton on Johnson is Really about Rhetoric

Stephen Johnson has a neat post today on Bill Clinton’s reaction to The Invention of Air. I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but I am looking forward to it this summer. Anyways, in his praise for … Continue reading

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Help Support Net Neutrality

I posted this to Facebook yesterday, and a few people have passed it on. Time Warner, a large ISP, is making a serious political and legal effort to counter net neutrality. I am presuming they are attempting this early in … Continue reading

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Hi There, Let’s Talk Google

I’ve been writing in other places and neglecting the blog, but I thought I might try to spend some quality time here. To get started, there’s an interesting story over at the NYTimes on the Google library project. I have … Continue reading

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