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The Story is not the Same

Work has been overwhelming of late, and I have been ignoring my blog and my friends. Sorry about that. I have been following baseball more closely this summer than I have recently–its my lunch hour obsession. In addition to maintaining … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Thoughts on Michael Vick

This started as a comment on FB, but I figured I’d post it here. I’ve been thinking about this for about a week–what Michael Vick needs to do to “prove his remorse.” (I assumed that this is what spurred Cody … Continue reading

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We’ve Run Out of TV

Meg and I are regular TV watchers, but, through the magic of netflix, we’re running out of quality TV. Lost–season over. House–season over. Battlestar Galactica–gone forever (its still to soon for me to talk about it). Dexter–we’re all caught up. … Continue reading

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I (Still) Love You Papi

This is uncomfortable. I don’t want to break up or anything, but I think we need to take a break from each other. Or, at least, think about moving things around. Maybe you could get your own place… In short: … Continue reading

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Lost reference

In the spirit of playing the game (and thus, Casey might say, denying the experience), I’ll posit that Jacob reading a book drawing its title from a radical Christian teleologist is probably not coincidental. Especially given Jacob’s line about how … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Lost

Before tonight’s show, I wanted to share my theory on this season: that Jack has already “missed” his opportunity. I believe the entire series now revolves around Jack saving the young Benjamin Linus, preventing him from ever joining the others. … Continue reading

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Proof the Web3.0 will be a smashing success:

Like customization? How about personalized beer bottles (via SILYP).

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