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Old meets New – Ze Frank on

I’ve been enjoying Ze Frank’s new posts over at You should too. He’s got two up that I could find, this one on the Iranian election and this one on “Black and White.” As if the interactivity of The … Continue reading

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A Disgusting Amount of Cute

If you are up for it, I offer My Milk Toof. Its good, wholesome, clean, and, yes, cute. Thanks to ZeFrank for posting the link. Speaking of ZeFrank, he recently did a presentation at Webstock on The Show, worth a … Continue reading

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A Great Page from Everything is Miscellaneous

I’m finishing up another read of David Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous–wow do I enjoy this book. I wanted to post this passage to my living memory since I think it would make a nice opening to my Historical Rhetorics seminar … Continue reading

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