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Boycott Douglas Coupland–Or Not

Here’s another opportunity to use social media to get something right. Douglas Coupland recently taped a YouTube promotion for an upcoming book. In the promotion, he blatantly rips off an idea from ZeFrank’s The Show called “The Earth Sandwich.” Now, … Continue reading

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Two Bad Ideas from the Guardian

I’m not sure about this story on computers grading standardized tests, because I don’t know about the sophistication of the software or the levels of the students. My gut is to agree with Tim Oates, director of Cambridge Assessment:”Some approaches … Continue reading

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A Few Resources for Class

Here’s some cut and paste on my part from comments on the first two weeks of blogging. First, a few notes on linking. When you link to another blog or publication, try to link to a specific article, not the … Continue reading

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Santos on Hall on Kanye, Wilson, America, and Television

While I agree with Michael Hale’s general critique that Americans pay more attention to “artificial” dramas–be it Wilson’s outburst on the floor of Congress or Kanye’s usurpation of Taylor Swift’s moment, I resist his implication that such attention can be … Continue reading

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They Say, I Say — Kanye West Assignment

Today I want to practice using the They Say, I Say bridges you read this weekend in reference to the recent Kanye West debacle. Take ten minutes or so to explore the following links and reactions to both Kanye’s interruption … Continue reading

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