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Links for Talk

I’m guest lecturing in a graduate course tonight on the evolution from literacy to digitality (my playful name for the talk is “From the Ear to the Eye to the Mouth: Orality, Literacy, and Digitality”). I didn’t have time to … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Shop: Teaching Direct Quotation

I’m doing a nuts-and-bolts topoi approach to direct quotation today, and I thought I would share my brief overlay. I’m also interested in how other people approach the subject. In class today we are going to focus on incorporating direct … Continue reading

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Wait Til Next Year?

As a Boston/New England sports fan, the first decade of the new century went rather well. Perhaps too well. Our cultural ethos is constructed around losing and misfortune. Might it be that things are returning to normal? This was an … Continue reading

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Reading Cicero Otherwise

So I am more and more coming to the realization that I will likely have to learn at least Latin, if not Greek, in the coming years. My Latin is tolerable enough to work through small passages, but I admit … Continue reading

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