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Courtesy of XKCD

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A Not-So-Sophistical Defense for Going for It

First of all, congratulations to the Colts for an amazing second-half. They played better and they won the game. And they don’t deserve the criticism that “Belichick handed them the win.” How often are coaches criticized for “coaching not to … Continue reading

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Why the New “V” Isn’t “Battlestar”

This started as an email to Casey’s question of what I thought of the new V last night. He remarked that the show had clear conservative overtones. My response: I agree on the conservative overtones- but art is meant to … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on Fox News

I discovered this at the Blogora this morning, and posted it to Facebook already. But I do have a few friends, well at least one, who resist the siren song of Facebook. So here’s the video clip with my short, … Continue reading

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