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Disney’s Avatar?

I recently saw Avatar and must say I enjoyed it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think this “review” of the film isn’t funny as hell.

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Successful Surgery

Rowan had her medical port removed this morning after being cancer free for over a year. The surgery was very quick (about a half hour) and she is feeling fine (singing along with Dora as I write). It has been … Continue reading

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Robertson is Crazy

Sometimes rhetoric is just about identification, and I hope that subject line identifies me properly. Robertson probably doesn’t warrant any more analysis than what Olbermann provided, but Scott McLemee over at Crooked Timber has an interesting piece that examines the … Continue reading

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A Brief Definition of Rhetoric

Today was Jim Corder day in my Digital Citizenship/Expository Writing classes. I use the Corder piece to provide a substantial definition for rhetoric–since I study one of the few things in a University that people rarely recognize. If you study … Continue reading

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children? (No, Seriously)

The other day Casey posted an interesting article on the globalization of American psychological disorders; to which I responded my interest in how contagion can be discursive: “if you word it, it will come?” I was reacting specifically to a … Continue reading

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Adrian Beltre? Seriously?

Ok, I have no idea what Theo Epstein hopes to accomplish in 2010. Because Adrian Beltre just screams “one-year-wonder-during-the-hight-of-the-steriods-era.” I know its only a one-year deal, and that the Red Sox are angling to trade for Adrian Gonzalez during this … Continue reading

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