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A Little Levinas for Monday

From the interview “Violence and the Face,” published in the 1999 Alterity and Transcendence. Levinas responds to a question on how his work differs from traditional philosophical investment in “historicism, materialism, structuralism, ontology”: I don’t say that all is for … Continue reading

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This is Much Better than a Flying Car

Remember Geordi Laforge from Star Trek? Well there’s an article in the on a device that translates impulses on the tongue into visual data, effectively allowing blind people to see. Seriously, sometimes science rocks.

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Chickens, Eggs, Opinions, Identities

Today I asked my classes which of the following is more true: I pick my friends based on my beliefs I pick my beliefs based on my friends We were discussing the opening chapter to Crowley and Hawhee’s Ancient Rhetorics … Continue reading

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Skepticism Toward Logic in the Wake of the Holocaust

The nicest part of teaching expository writing as blogging is the great variety of student projects I get to enjoy. This semester, I have one particularly talented student working on absurdist and existential literature. She recently read and commented on … Continue reading

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New Ok Go Video

Honestly, I’m not really a big fan of this band. I thought their first hit, “Here it Goes Again,” was catchy but borderline annoying. The video was engaging. That said, the single extended shot chicanery in their new video is … Continue reading

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