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Congrats to the Black Mask

I have a feeling things might grow silent over at Both Wearing Black Masks (are there three masks now?), so I thought I would try to commune with the spirits that reside there and throw up a thoughtful post. What … Continue reading

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Steven Johnson Strikes Again

I’ll take a quick second to point to an extremely important article by Steven Johnson. Why is it so important? Because in the digital/intellectual property conversations, in which so much debate over control is at stake, attention is rarely paid … Continue reading

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Tebow a Character Pick?

I have nothing against ethos, and I’m sure, after recent events, Josh McDaniels is looking forward to working with a contentious, diligent, and respectful player. As one of the many talking heads I listened to this morning said: Tebow is … Continue reading

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Corporate Executives?

The Electronic Freedom Foundation has a Mxrk-style annotated post up concerning the “Comments of the Creative Community Organizations.” Thoughts: I think we all agree that artists deserve to be compensated for their work and that outright stealing is wrong. But, … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Radical Approach to Teaching Final Papers

In my last post, I mentioned that I was trying something a bit different with my current expository writing class. I should say upfront that State and programatic expectations for the course don’t give me too much wiggle room. The … Continue reading

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Foucault for Thursday

Most of my leisurely writing lately has been dedicated to baseball, but I spent some time this morning preparing the following for a undergraduate student reading Foucault for the first time. Her project this semester has been dedicated to queer … Continue reading

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