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Galloway and Thacker on Video Games

Skeptical of any “democratic” or “liberatory” elements to networks, Galloway and Thacker write: In this sense, forms of informatic play should be interrogated not as a liberation from the rigid constraints of systems of exchange and production but as the … Continue reading

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Made My Day

A student wrote me this note while submitting his final paper for my upper-division expository class: This was by far the hardest paper I had to write in my collegiate career. I’m not complaining, I really enjoyed writing it but … Continue reading

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Toward Kair-erotically Thinking Techno-Determinism

I spent the morning today doing some reading/writing on my Computers and Writing presentation, which will deal explicitly with how social media played a role in diagnosing and dealing with my daughter’s cancer. One article that I read today was … Continue reading

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