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Rosenbaum on the New Agnosticism

Ron Rosenbaum has an article up on that speaks to the possibility of a New Agnosticism (as a response to the New Atheism). Pretty much speaks to how I read Levinas, and why I was interested in his metaphysics. … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade, Technology, and My Life

The following appeared on Penny Arcade today. Yup. It is always dangerous to make assumptions about people’s basic philosophies, and those assumptions tend to (quite conveniently) track with the way you, yourself see the world, so maybe I should limit … Continue reading

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Levinas, Ethics and Infinity

I’m currently reading through Levinas’s Ethics and Infinity, one of my summer reading books. I’ve still got a few chapters to go, but so far I appreciate Levinas’s concision. I like this book for the same reason that I like … Continue reading

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An Insignificant MyStory (Part 3)

In between posts with Casey today, I did manage to get some work done. Particularly, I’m working on prepping for my summer course. I will be teaching a 6 week upper-division expository writing course. Usually, I teach expository writing as … Continue reading

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Harman on Latour, Socrates, and Sophistry

The first of my summer reading books have arrived from Amazon. Last night I read the first few chapters to Brooke’s Lingua Fracta and the Pandora’s Hope chapter of Harman’s Bruno Latour: Prince of Networks. Both are really good, although … Continue reading

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Joseph Pew and Latour’s Third Position

Dave Weinberger has a live blog up today from Google’s Chief Technology Advocate Michael T. Jones. Jones quotes Joseph Pew (1946): “Tell the truth and trust the people.” A quick search for the quote led me to the Pew history … Continue reading

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Plato’s Laches

In an effort to put more up on this blog, I’m going to start publishing my reading notes from Evernote. Today, I came across a reference to the Laches dialogue in Brad McAdon’s 2004 article “Plato’s Denunciation of Rhetoric in … Continue reading

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Lessig Quotes Huxley

Lawrence Lessig quotes Huxley (1927) in his OpenVideoAlliance webside chat: “In the days before machinery men and women who wanted to amuse themselves were compelled, in their humble way, to be artists. Now they sit still and permit professionals to … Continue reading

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Derek Fisher

A few people commented on Facebook that Derek Fisher’s daughter has the same disease as Rowan. Unlike Rowan’s case, they were able to use a radical procedure (injecting chemo drugs directly into the eye) to save his daughter’s eye. Even … Continue reading

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Post Conferences Post

I just got back from RSA and Computers and Writing–two great weekends that left me both socially and professionally refreshed. I’m working today towards advancing both papers (one on social media, ethics, and Rowan’s cancer, the other on Latour, sophistry, … Continue reading

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