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Every Once in Awhile…

I read something and hear in my brain a voice: That can’t be fucking true. No way. It is usually triggered by an internet news story with dubious sources. I heard the voice this morning while scrolling through my … Continue reading

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Some Good Web Comics

The web comic “Stuff No One Told Me” has become my daily little moment of Zen. He’s on vacation for awhile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a stroll through the archives. And there’s always a quick visit to … Continue reading

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Ulmer Riff: Recipe

My class is progressing with our mystories. In an effort to help them grasp Ulmer’s approach to relay and imitation, I crafted what I call the recipe assignment. Its inspired by a visit from poet Robert Pinsky this past Spring; … Continue reading

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Ulmer Exercise: Term Extensions

Today in class we are working on two exercises from Ulmer’s Internet Invention; the first of which is his Term Extensions exercise. Using the history of the term “culture” as a model, select a different craft (other than agriculture) and … Continue reading

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