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Practicing Deconstruction Responsibly

I think deconstruction, when practiced well, is both destruction and construction. Derrida’s later work provides numerous examples of such positive practice. But this would just get us into a tired, commonplace exchange. In terms of changing the University, I am … Continue reading

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Institutional Responsibility

The other day a colleague and I were discussing what to teach in this post-postmodern age, generally agreeing that rehashing the theory-science wars was counterproductive, and that teaching deconstructive critique (as a purely epistemological exercise) was out of steam. See … Continue reading

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The Multitude Speaks

Today, before heading out of the office, I wanted to check Facebook. And, oh my, I got a big DNS error page. Surprised, I turned to almighty Google with the search “Facebook DNS failure.” Lo and behold, Google’s top response … Continue reading

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Steven Johnson and Creativity

Meg sent me this short YouTube promotion for Steven Johnson’s upcoming book on creativity. Its worth the time. My one-line response: one book’s distraction is one browser’s connection. I like this talk because I’ve been thinking of Richard Miller’s recent … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric InDesign Project

I’m teaching an undergraduate course in Visual Rhetoric for the first time at USF this semester. Our first few projects involved analysis and manipulation in photoshop. Our fourth project requires students to work in groups of 4 to design a … Continue reading

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That’s Not O.K. Purdue Exponent

So I am a fan of Lanham’s theory of Attention Economy (link to interview) and I tend to enjoy a raunchy joke. As other’s have noted, Purdue’s student newspaper, the Exponent recently tried their hand at both. In a perverse … Continue reading

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Assessment from a Poetic Perspective

My wife today sent me a link to Heather K. Phillips MFA thesis project. Heather is a recent graduate of RISD; her project speaks to the legitimation of critique and the ubiquity of assessment at all levels of education. Here’s … Continue reading

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