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Berlin, Vitanza, and Self/Assessment

Last night my graduate course on Contemporary Rhetoric spent some time in 1996; we discussed two important treatments of postmodern theory in Rhetoric and Composition–Vitanza and Berlin. Below is the lecture I gave. Those who shared a former life with … Continue reading

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Burke, Purpose, Rubric

Taking a break from work I have to finish, I grabbed Burke’s Grammar of Motives off the shelf. I found this great paragraph from the chapter “Agency and Purpose” challenging notions of neutral instrumentalism (that our instruments measure without purpose … Continue reading

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Deconstruction, Responsibility, and Greek-Europeans

Thanks Casey–I have a sneaking suspicion that when it comes to books, we have divergent tastes. When it comes to teaching, we share quite a lot. Like my last post, this started as a comment and grew into a long … Continue reading

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