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Bruno Latour and Metaphysics

I don’t remember this passage in Harman’s Prince of Networks, but its a nice one from Latour’s Laboratory Life: Specific to this laboratory is the particular configurations of apparatus that we have called inscription devices. The central importance of this … Continue reading

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Music / January / 2011

In keeping with my New Years resolution, here’s the albums I’ve picked up since my last post: Black Keys’ Rubber Factory – A very solid album, rarely do I find myself skipping a track when this comes up on a … Continue reading

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Harman’s Tool-Being

Graham Harman’s Tool-Being (along with several other of his works) is on my radar, although I have no idea when I’ll find time to read it. I came across a review of Harman’s book today at Dark Chemistry, and this … Continue reading

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Week One, Spring 2011

Our first week of classes is coming to a close. My New Media class read Walter Ong’s “Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought” and will be remediating the essay into (x)html this weekend. I haven’t read that article in … Continue reading

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Trying to Listen to More Music

Meg got me a new iPod for Christmas. I haven’t really bought any new music in probably 5 years (I think the last new album I purchased was Arctic Monkey’s Favorite Worst Nightmare in 2007). So I’m trying to reconnect … Continue reading

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M&M Eat

As I said in the previous post, Meg and I have talked about creating a food blog since we moved to Florida. Call it New Year’s initiative, because I finally made one: M&M Eat. Happy New Year everyone, good luck … Continue reading

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M&M Eat Out / 717 South

Meg and I have talked for awhile about writing a food blog. Its mostly because I have the world’s worst memory and can never remember if I liked a place or not. Here’s a quick start. Tonight we went out … Continue reading

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