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What is Rhetoric?

Our FYC program writes and publishes their own textbook every year. This year, they asked me to write a short introduction addressing what rhetoric is and why one might study it. Here’s my answer (probably rife with errors, it could … Continue reading

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St. Augustine of Hippo

Even in 400 AD people were in too much of a hurry: Careful consideration of many other such things (which can be done by those who are not hard-pressed by the need to finish a book!) reveals that the basic … Continue reading

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How I Pick My Battles

One of my friends asked a provocative question over facebook this morning. Those familiar with this blog’s history will likely know its source. But it is a great question. My answer might be a little “blue,” but I think it … Continue reading

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Quintilian Responds to Plato

Addressing the idea that rhetoric be forbidden because it is capable of evil: Under such a mode of reasoning, neither will generals, nor magistrates, nor medicine, nor even wisdom itself, be of any utility; […] in the hands of physicians … Continue reading

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Rowan on New Car Smell

Me: “This is the first time you’ll ride in dad’s new car” Rowan: “Why does your new car smell like dog poop?” Me: “That’s called new car smell. A lot of people like it” Rowan: “A lot of people like … Continue reading

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Aaron Schwartz on education

Aaron Schwartz has a short piece today (“Individuals in a World of Science”) on what I consider a rhetorical problem–finding an acceptable balance between individual (agency) and synthesized (agency). This seemed to be the driving question at a number of … Continue reading

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