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No Life Is Good

In The Philosopher’s Magazine, David Benetar argues that “No Life is Good.” A cynical (and, I hope, playful) argument against the mechanical life. His conclusion isn’t to kill yourself, just to stop having babies (and thus bringing more people destined … Continue reading

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Insane Job Add

Blogora has a link to The Philosophy Smoker’s discussion of a crazy philosophy job add. Two things: I can’t wait until we all bow down before work with corporate sponsors. Are visiting associate positions even real?

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Burke, Sophistry, and Ecological Rhetoric

I wrote this in response to a graduate students’ project on Kenneth Burke. I didn’t want to lose it, so I’ll stick it here: Burke shares quite a bit with the Sophists because they both believe that rhetoric is metaphysical, … Continue reading

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Its Crap

Today I learned that a friend from grad school–a dedicated high school teacher–lost his job yesterday, along with about 80 other teachers, when his town voted against a tax increase. To echo David Harvey’s conclusion to his RSAnimate talk, “its … Continue reading

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