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Post-Pedagogy and Kairotic Techne

Today’s post builds off yesterdays in connection with a conversation on Facebook. A friend tagged me in a query on teaching blogging, so I pointed her toward my blogging syllabus as an example of post-pedagogy. What marks that curriculum as … Continue reading

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Post-Pedagogy as Performing Empathy

Week two of trying to post something every day. I spent this morning working on an article responding to Martha Nussbaum’s Not For Profit. Here’s a snippet dealing with post-pedagogy. In place of pedagogies of control insisting upon the traditional … Continue reading

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Yeah, We Already Knew That

Via the Blogora today, a piece in Newsweek on evolution and irrationality. It probably shouldn’t irk me that the piece makes no mention of rhetoricians, but it does (its got philosophers and cognitive scientists, but no rhetoricians). Its clear the … Continue reading

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Blogging Pedagogy & Academically Adrift

Today is the final day of my summer Expository Writing class. I build all of my classes around themes; this semester was dedicated to blogging. Mxrk, Ryan P. Weber, and I will be putting together an article dedicated to the … Continue reading

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Zakaria and Political Reality

I missed a post yesterday, so two posts today. First, a brief comment on Zakarias’ article “How Conservatism Has Lost Touch with Reality. A friend has a rather scathing response to Zakarias over at his blog, arguing that Zakarias is … Continue reading

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A Troll Who Cares–Jonathon Paige & the Ethics of Blogging

Day two of my effort to put something here everyday. Today I point to a very interesting post sent to me by mxrk, one that relates to our blogging class/project/article. An internet troll details how he created Jonathon Paige’s twitter … Continue reading

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Jameson’s New Book

Blogora’s sporting a link to Jameson’s preview of his upcoming book today. I’ve never considered myself a Marxist nor a fan of Jameson, but I nod my head to this paragraph from the preview: Now we can step back and … Continue reading

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