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I spent most of today writing up my Nussbaum/Sloterdijk/Ulmer/SF Zero article, turning handwritten rough draft into (sloppily) typed rough draft. A fun process. Essentially, I critique Nussbaum’s connection between critical thinking and empathy, and argue instead for a post-pedagogical, non-critical, … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Reading Lists

I was doing so well posting here. I even got a comment from Dave Weinberger. And then last week happened. I spent most of today finishing my syllabi for the fall and submitting my book orders. Here’s how my two … Continue reading

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“Unschooling” and David Weinberger

Today a student shared a piece appearing over at the Washington post on education, focusing on debates over class sizes. The piece details two general approaches to education–the first teacher driven, the second student driven. This second approach the article … Continue reading

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Teaching a Philosophy of Life

Today’s snippet comes from a student’s paper defending the value of his liberal arts major. One of the questions I posed this semester, while reading Academically Adrift and Not For Profit was whether Universities’ missions included teaching values, or whether … Continue reading

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Rotten With Perfection

Burke fans will probably enjoy today’s offerings from one of my favorite sites, Slaughterhouse 90210.

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Ethical Learning, Responsibility, and Assessment

A long time ago, when I first became enamored with the possibilities of digital communication and deconstruction, I remember constructing a piece on spectrality and student work. I was proud when the piece won a Parlor Press award at Purdue … Continue reading

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Very Large Finitude and Ecological Irony

Figure/Ground is featuring an interview with Timothy Morton, professor of ecology, theory, and literature. Morton was first brought to my attention last fall by a grad student in my Contemporary Rhetorics class. This snippet from the interview grabbed my attention, … Continue reading

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