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Facebook is Down

A quick post to let everyone know that my Facebook is down right now. I probably won’t be back on until next week. So if you are sending me stuff, I’m not ignoring you. Feel free to email me at … Continue reading

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Addition not Subtraction

Latour: The critic is not the one who debunks, but the one who assembles. (“Why Critique Has Run Out of Steam” 246)

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Latour and Risk

From Pandora’s Hope:: Speech implies by definition the risk of misunderstanding across the huge gaps between different species. If scientists want to bridge the two-culture divide for good, they will have to get used to a lot of noise, and, … Continue reading

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Walking Notes: Latour on Heidegger

I was thinking today about Latour’s move to Heidegger in “Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam”. He notes that it might strike many as odd, a hyper-realist turning to one among the most speculative of phenomenologists. But Heidegger’s fourfold … Continue reading

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