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Digital Humanities

A friend emailed me Feisal G. Mohamed’s response to Fish’s recent discussion of digital humanities. Here’s my response. I think there’s two basic genealogies to digital humanities/technology studies. Reductive? Sure. But helpful. The first traces back to Heidegger’s “Question Concerning … Continue reading

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Web writing, postpedagogy, social expressivism, and Grassi

Leahy and I have been writing an article on web writing. Here’s one of my conclusions (I think I have 3 write now) for the theory section: We began this explication of social expressivism by highlighting Socratic traces in Elbow’s … Continue reading

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King Moonraiser

“Unlike playthings a living creature cannot hide himself on an island.”

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Dreams of Your Life

An installation site Dreams of Your Life to share with my New Media class next semester.

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