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Help Stop Crippling Budget Cuts

Yesterday we learned of Florida State senator JD Alexander’s proposed budget, which would cut USF’s state funding by 58%. Today I am asking all my readers to consider the following articles: Tampa Bay Times USF’s Official Response If so moved, … Continue reading

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I’ll Take Know Your Rhetorician

Today in my undergraduate Rhetorical Theory class, we played “Ancient Rhetorical Jeopardy.”

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Colbert, Citizens United, and Irony

Apparently I live under some kind of rock, because today was the first I heard of Steven Colbert’s PAC. There’s a short article over at Slate documenting Colbert’s attack on the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision. A few random thoughts: … Continue reading

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Gmail is Awesome

Today I discovered that gmail prompt you with the question “did you forget to attach a document” if you write “attach” in an email and then hit send. Neat stuff. I was telling a student that I attached a reading … Continue reading

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Discrimination or a Bad Day?

Via Facebook, a story from Native News Network about a student suspended for using her native language in class. FTA: “The teacher went back to where the two were sitting and literally slammed her hand down on the desk and … Continue reading

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Dear Football Gods

Please, don’t let us lose to the Giants. I’ve had the pleasure of Super Bowl wins. They were dandy. That loss back in 07 really humbled us. I could lose to any other team and say, “wow, its been a … Continue reading

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