New Media Week 7 – Map Showcase

Hi all, 

Thanks to everyone who came to the optional workday. Here’s my thoughts on the questions you raised today:

1. I have opened a quiz called “Map Postmortem.” There’s only two real questions–both intend to prepare your abstract/supporting material(s) for Thursday’s showcase. There’s a number of ways to present your map: use a tri-fold posterboard (or, as Emil called it, the “science fair” format); provide a handout, create small slide cards that use some kind of menu holder as a base, work the explication of the project into the project itself. What is important is that your method makes sense and doesn’t feel like it was thrown together as an after-thought. 

2. Realize that part of this project involves learning how to work with printed images. This might be trickier than you think. Pay attention to image size (especially if you are working in Photoshop). Charlie recommended printing directly from Photoshop rather than printing from a .jpeg in preview or some other program. This makes sense–.jpeg is a file format created for the web, it is not intended for printing. Most importantly–leave time for trial and error. 

3. Here’s the revised grading rubric:

  • Visual / Technological [15]
    • Uses image editing software
    • Uses Photography
    • Uses one other “technology” or technique
  • Genre Awareness [10]
    • Involves awareness of the Genre Conventions of a Map
  • Creative Adaption of Genre [15]
    • Devolves some genre/material/convention (etc) expectations for an “academic” map
  • Scholarly Component [10]
    • Some element of research, theory, or rhetorical sophistication (“What makes this smart?”)
  • Presentation Component [10]
    • Method of presentation makes sense
    • Material presentation doesn’t look shoddy or rushed
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