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Red Sox Hot Stove

With the exception of the postseason, hot stove is my favorite time of the baseball year. This off-season is particularly important to the Red Sox, after the Valentine debacle and the great salary purge. This year has a very weak … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Terry Francona

I’ve been meaning to find time to write this for a few days. Here goes in enthymematic form: The collapse was historic. A historic collapse requires blame. Blaming is often not a rational process. Terry Francona is willing to accept … Continue reading

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Adrian Beltre? Seriously?

Ok, I have no idea what Theo Epstein hopes to accomplish in 2010. Because Adrian Beltre just screams “one-year-wonder-during-the-hight-of-the-steriods-era.” I know its only a one-year deal, and that the Red Sox are angling to trade for Adrian Gonzalez during this … Continue reading

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Wait Til Next Year?

As a Boston/New England sports fan, the first decade of the new century went rather well. Perhaps too well. Our cultural ethos is constructed around losing and misfortune. Might it be that things are returning to normal? This was an … Continue reading

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McLuhan and Baseball

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a re-reading of McLuhan’s Understanding Media; I wanted to share this paragraph on baseball. McLuhan articulates something I have felt without being able to express for sometime. I think my interest in sabermetric evaluations of defense … Continue reading

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Baseball Blog

I’ve been busy with work, so posting hasn’t been a priority lately. I’m teaching another section of Expository Writing built around digital citizenship, so I decided (after some encouragement) to start a baseball blog. As the first post explains, I … Continue reading

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The Story is not the Same

Work has been overwhelming of late, and I have been ignoring my blog and my friends. Sorry about that. I have been following baseball more closely this summer than I have recently–its my lunch hour obsession. In addition to maintaining … Continue reading

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I (Still) Love You Papi

This is uncomfortable. I don’t want to break up or anything, but I think we need to take a break from each other. Or, at least, think about moving things around. Maybe you could get your own place… In short: … Continue reading

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Obligatory Post from a Sophistic Baseball Fan

[A little context: last week I used a series of ESPN articles in a workshop on direct quoting, hence the sometimes forced references. I think the workshop was successful, however.] Dear Commissioner Selig, I understand in the wake of recent … Continue reading

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More Baseball: Manny’s Market

Its January 31st, 2009. Many sports fans will consider today the day before the Superbowl. But I’m from Boston, so I consider today 13 days until pitchers and catchers. If the Patriots aren’t in the playoffs, then its just the … Continue reading

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