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Post-Pedagogy and Kairotic Techne

Today’s post builds off yesterdays in connection with a conversation on Facebook. A friend tagged me in a query on teaching blogging, so I pointed her toward my blogging syllabus as an example of post-pedagogy. What marks that curriculum as … Continue reading

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Blogging Pedagogy & Academically Adrift

Today is the final day of my summer Expository Writing class. I build all of my classes around themes; this semester was dedicated to blogging. Mxrk, Ryan P. Weber, and I will be putting together an article dedicated to the … Continue reading

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No Life Is Good

In The Philosopher’s Magazine, David Benetar argues that “No Life is Good.” A cynical (and, I hope, playful) argument against the mechanical life. His conclusion isn’t to kill yourself, just to stop having babies (and thus bringing more people destined … Continue reading

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Toward Kair-erotically Thinking Techno-Determinism

I spent the morning today doing some reading/writing on my Computers and Writing presentation, which will deal explicitly with how social media played a role in diagnosing and dealing with my daughter’s cancer. One article that I read today was … Continue reading

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Reflections: Rickert’s Acts of Enjoyment

I thought I would share a few paragraphs from Thomas Rickert’s Acts of Enjoyment: The point, ultimately, is not that we should immediately change the pedagogical road we are on. This would risk falling into the same critical mode I … Continue reading

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Baseball Blog

I’ve been busy with work, so posting hasn’t been a priority lately. I’m teaching another section of Expository Writing built around digital citizenship, so I decided (after some encouragement) to start a baseball blog. As the first post explains, I … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Wow, has it been this long since I posted? A few quick thoughts before I head out to teach: Rowan’s MRI was clear–this is very good news. Retinoblastoma patients have a high chance to develop other forms of cancer, especially … Continue reading

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Lanham definition of rhetoric; the Aim of Education(s)

I need to remember this somewhere, why not the blog. Now you can remember it, too. “Rhetoric” has not always been a dirty word, the opposite of sincerity, truth, and good intentions. For most of its life it meant the … Continue reading

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Student Strikes Gold

I had my students do an assignment in which they had to characterize blogs. One student offered these nuggets: Fourth, the blog that is the most idiotic tends to win. This is just like high school. The weird blog is … Continue reading

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Thinking about First Posts and Abouts

Today my students will be setting up there blogs. I wanted to think about first posts and/or about pages. These are important to establish the tone, feel, and personality of a blog. Here’s some source material: mxrk raw thought dooce … Continue reading

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