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Clinton on Johnson is Really about Rhetoric

Stephen Johnson has a neat post today on Bill Clinton’s reaction to The Invention of Air. I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but I am looking forward to it this summer. Anyways, in his praise for … Continue reading

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Lessig’s New Book

One of my heroes, Lawrence Lessig, has a new book out. While the website is up, the book isn’t available for free yet (but I’m sure it will be soon). In the meantime, he recently gave an interview with Colbert. … Continue reading

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Calling for Five Minutes of Your Time

I just read a disturbing story on how libraries are being pressured away from cooperating with open source project: a concise post, written by Aaron Swartz over at Raw Thought. If you don’t have the time to read the article, … Continue reading

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Trip to the Library

I went to find three books. One of which, Alex Reid’s The Two Virtuals, was lost. Of course, I walked out with a stack (listed in the order they appear on my shelf): Derrida, Politics of Friendship Derrida, Psyche / … Continue reading

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