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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children? (No, Seriously)

The other day Casey posted an interesting article on the globalization of American psychological disorders; to which I responded my interest in how contagion can be discursive: “if you word it, it will come?” I was reacting specifically to a … Continue reading

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Reading Cicero Otherwise

So I am more and more coming to the realization that I will likely have to learn at least Latin, if not Greek, in the coming years. My Latin is tolerable enough to work through small passages, but I admit … Continue reading

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Jack McCoy, Ciceronian Rhetoric, and the art of Pathetic Conclusions

Tomorrow I’m planning a quick, introductory lecture on Ciceronian argument. As such, I’ll be referring to the six-part structure extracted from the Catiline Orations and discussed at length in De Inventione. In brief: Exordium [prepares the hearer… this can be … Continue reading

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