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When the world becomes art

Artist Rodrigo Derteano’s robot constructed Ciudad Nazca in the deserts of Peru. Via Coudal Partners

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Assessment from a Poetic Perspective

My wife today sent me a link to Heather K. Phillips MFA thesis project. Heather is a recent graduate of RISD; her project speaks to the legitimation of critique and the ubiquity of assessment at all levels of education. Here’s … Continue reading

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This is Much Better than a Flying Car

Remember Geordi Laforge from Star Trek? Well there’s an article in the on a device that translates impulses on the tongue into visual data, effectively allowing blind people to see. Seriously, sometimes science rocks.

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New Ok Go Video

Honestly, I’m not really a big fan of this band. I thought their first hit, “Here it Goes Again,” was catchy but borderline annoying. The video was engaging. That said, the single extended shot chicanery in their new video is … Continue reading

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Old meets New – Ze Frank on

I’ve been enjoying Ze Frank’s new posts over at You should too. He’s got two up that I could find, this one on the Iranian election and this one on “Black and White.” As if the interactivity of The … Continue reading

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Proof the Web3.0 will be a smashing success:

Like customization? How about personalized beer bottles (via SILYP).

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Visual Metaphor: Walmart as a Disease

As if the choice of green was innocuous. In the previous century, when I was a snobbish New Englander, Walmart was an unholy place–a store chocking the life out of small, friendly businesses and full of the kind of people … Continue reading

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This is worth the time: ChanceUploaded by titounetsan

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Via ZeFrank, a great flash game called auditorium. I’m stuck on 3.4. I’m not one for flash games, but this is very well done.

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Someone Tell Me If I Like This…

Something bugs me about this video. I watch a lot of the “times-they-are-a-changin’” videos, but don’t know what to make of this. But my Blink sense is tingling… Since I’m teaching my digital citizenship course next semester, I think I’ll … Continue reading

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