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CCCC’s Recap #1: Expanding Rhetorical Publics: the Zoo, the Cemetery, and the Chapel”

While at CCCC’s, I had the pleasure of attending Steven Mailloux, D. Diane Davis, and Michelle Ballif’s panel “Expanding Rhetorical Publics: the Zoo, the Cemetery, and the Chapel.” Mailloux’s talk “Human Acts, Divine Publics” wonders whether it is possible to … Continue reading

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Question and Answer

On Facebook, someone asks: “Come on people, is it so hard to have manners?” I would say “yes” because having manners rests on a recognition and prioritization of the other person. So much of our contemporary technological life aims at … Continue reading

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Davis on Derrida; What Levinas Offers Latour

Via Blogora, a video lecture by D. Diane Davis on Derrida, deconstruction, gratitude, and debt: Derrida and gratitude: thinking always has a debt. “The image of the trail blazing subject, self sufficient and completely independent is, of course, a metaphysical … Continue reading

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Latour and Risk

From Pandora’s Hope:: Speech implies by definition the risk of misunderstanding across the huge gaps between different species. If scientists want to bridge the two-culture divide for good, they will have to get used to a lot of noise, and, … Continue reading

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Week One, Spring 2011

Our first week of classes is coming to a close. My New Media class read Walter Ong’s “Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought” and will be remediating the essay into (x)html this weekend. I haven’t read that article in … Continue reading

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Maniacal Laughter

I’ve always really liked the title to Davis’ work Breaking Up [at] Totality for its playfulness and visual pun (follow the link to see the cover). Of course, I also enjoy the Gorgian–Cixiousian sentiment of the book: laughing in the … Continue reading

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Funny Doesn’t Belong There

I often find myself trying to come to terms with my love of rhetoric; to the point that I try to find traces of this love littered throughout my entire life’s narrative. One such trace, I tell myself, is my … Continue reading

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Davis > Derrida > Levinas

Today’s reading: John Muckelbauer’s “Rhetoric, Asignification, and the Other: A Response to Diane Davis” and D. Diane Davis’ “The Fifth Risk: A Response to John Muckelbauer’s Response”. Muckelbauer challenges the assumption that any discourse or pedagogy can claim ethical or … Continue reading

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