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I not We, Me not US

As I’m finishing my Levinas chapter, I’m feeling how hard it is to apply his ethics to academic writing–at least my academic writing. I am so used to using the plural, collective pronouns: we and us, that it feels disorienting … Continue reading

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Levinas and Weinberger

In jest, I offer my dissertation in two quotes. The other pages are just filler. Levinas on difference as the foundation of the subject: Reason makes human society possible; but a society whose members would be only reasons would vanish … Continue reading

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Responsibility for others

Normally I let Mrxk deal with this kind of stuff. He’s good at it. Witty. Poignant. Firm. But I guess, since he hasn’t hit this one yet, I’ll take it. So, if you’re reading this, you probably know I’m writing … Continue reading

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Embracing Error

I found Tim Barker’s “Error, the Unforeseen, and the Emergent The Error and Interactive Media Art” on work/space. In Barker, I hear what Lanham would refer to as a strong defense for rhetoric: one that recognizes probability not as a … Continue reading

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Bit o’ Levinas

From “The Thinking of Being and the Question of the Other” in Of God Who Comes to Mind: We have asked whether the Other–who refuses identification, that is, thematization and hypostasis, but whom the philosophy of the tradition attempted to … Continue reading

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Bit of Levinas

“A Dominican father, for whom I have much admiration and who knows Hebrew admirably, said one day before me: what one takes for an infinite interpretation of the letter of Scripture is simply a reading that considers the entirety of … Continue reading

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New Media Rhetoric and Wikipedia

I thought I would share my conference proposal for International Society for the History of Rhetoric conference. I have a feeling its probably a bit too contemporary (ie, it mentions computers) for this conference, but there’s no harm in trying. … Continue reading

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New Media Rhetoric

The first paragraph of George Oates’ recent A List Apart article “Community: From Little Things, Big Thigns Grow” reflects something I’ve been trying to articulate for a few years: People don’t like being told what to do. We like to … Continue reading

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Violence and Metaphysics, part 2

Some rough draft I was working through today: The best liberation from violence is a certain putting into question, which makes the search for an archia tremble. Only the thought of Being can do so, and not traditional ‘philosophy’ or … Continue reading

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Notes on Of Grammatology

It took me a bit to get started, but here we go… If, as Derrida suggests, writing threatens language, then digital technology extends this threatening, by engaging so many more people in the “play.” As the actors gather, as the … Continue reading

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