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Expository Writing 1.1: Welcome.

On today’s agenda: Canvas write Cover the syllabus. What is rhetoric? Homework: In Canvas, write up five sentences on two different possible communities you might join.

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On Sirc, Reaching for the Serial and the Pithy

For today’s Expository Writing class we read Sirc’s 2010 essay “Serial Composition,” which asks why writing instruction has remained tied to the same form for the past 150 years. Sirc imagines whether writing instruction could have followed architecture, painting, sculpture, … Continue reading

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Blogging Pedagogy & Academically Adrift

Today is the final day of my summer Expository Writing class. I build all of my classes around themes; this semester was dedicated to blogging. Mxrk, Ryan P. Weber, and I will be putting together an article dedicated to the … Continue reading

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