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Grr… Swap Images

Spent about an hour working on this one, but to no avail. Not quite sure where I went wrong. The tutorial wasn’t the easiest for me to follow, but I’ve read worse. The technique looks cool (here’s an example), and … Continue reading

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Filters vs. Live Effects

Not a bad tutorial, though nothing mind blowing. The trick about using the magic wand and the brighten filter to adjust select parts of an image is useful (though I often use the burn/dodge tool for this…) No images worth … Continue reading

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Sticky Notes

Like these Rapid Fire tutorials over at six things. This one took me about 40 minutes–most of which was spent fighting with the pen tool. Grr… pen tool… edit the existing vector! Don’t randomly choose which points you will transform. … Continue reading

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Rapid-Fire Photo Realistic

This one was a bit tricky at times–but very cool advanced shadow technique. Pretty simple to pull off, but allow for a whole range of shadows that you simply couldn’t get with the “drop shadow” filter. Total time: 37 minutes. … Continue reading

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Golden Seal Tutorial

This one took me about 20 minutes–I probably could have been a bit more careful with the bevel technique. Its a pretty simple technique to execute, and it looks better than the auto bevel feature (I used too small a … Continue reading

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Twist and Fade

Twist and Fade tutorial on voidix. Neat technique, really simple to execute (about five minutes beginning to end), but I’m not sure how useful it would be…

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