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Digital Humanities

A friend emailed me Feisal G. Mohamed’s response to Fish’s recent discussion of digital humanities. Here’s my response. I think there’s two basic genealogies to digital humanities/technology studies. Reductive? Sure. But helpful. The first traces back to Heidegger’s “Question Concerning … Continue reading

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Santos on Fish on Donoghue Take Two

My last post came on little sleep, so I thought I might try again. Actually, I already tried again in an email exchange with an old friend. He wrote to get my thoughts on Fish’s piece. Here’s my (hopefully) more … Continue reading

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Fish on Donoghue on the State of the Humanities

Stanley Fish has a review of Frank Donoghue’s recent book The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities. Reading his review, I couldn’t help but think of my recent post on the links between my teaching … Continue reading

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