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Disney’s Avatar?

I recently saw Avatar and must say I enjoyed it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think this “review” of the film isn’t funny as hell.

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Proof the Web3.0 will be a smashing success:

Like customization? How about personalized beer bottles (via SILYP).

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Complaining as Art

I laughed so hard reading this letter to the president of Virgin airlines that people looked at me funny as they walked by my office. Totally worth it. Rumor has it the airline has offered him a job in culinary … Continue reading

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Funny Doesn’t Belong There

I often find myself trying to come to terms with my love of rhetoric; to the point that I try to find traces of this love littered throughout my entire life’s narrative. One such trace, I tell myself, is my … Continue reading

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Sure its too easy, but its still funny

I normally don’t waste time with Bush bashing, its sort of like challenging a sixth grader to a steel cage match, but this shit is too funny.

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New Course on Rhetorical Theory [Fake]

I usually leave the political comedy commentary up to others, but I had to share this. Via the Blogora (via 23/6): Biden Debate Training That was a direct quote.

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The Pats are comfortably handling Miami so I’m surfing the web for comics (following a conversation at lunch last week). For some reason I need to share this with the world [you can click on the post title to see … Continue reading

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Birthday Card

This is making the internet rounds. Proof positive that I am an internet nerd: I find it quite funny.

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Another Quick One

I don’t think we can be friends if you don’t like this one: Powerthirst Sports Drink Spoof – Watch more free videos Oh, one more thing: the Celtics are in such a dismal place that Kevin Garnett, who hasn’t sniffed … Continue reading

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Poirot Takes the Case

I awoke this morning to a terrible scene: Immediately I took a quick survey of the damage: I conjured the spirit of my favorite Belgium detective… he immediately instructed me to locate the origin of the crime: Next, I investigated … Continue reading

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